July 8th, 2022 - Outlaw Enduro

Grandview Speedway 7/8/22 Short Results
Update from last nights Rained Out show at Grandview!
On July 22
We will begin the show at 6:30 pm with the Rained out 75 lap Big Car Enduro and then the Rained out 50 lap Small Car Enduro
We will then continue with the July 22 show of Vintage and Enduro Races!
We have decided that the Stock Enduros Cars will race their Twin 50 lap Races Friday night September 2nd.
So the July 22 show in addition to the 2 Rained out Enduros there will be 1 - 50 lap Stock Enduro, 1 - 75 lap Small Car, 1 - 75 lap Big Car, a Mechanic Race and Heats and a Feature for the Vintage Cars.
Schedule of Events will be posted at a later date.
The lineup for the Big Cars and the Small Cars is attached to this post!
The Finishes for last night will be posted later today on our Facebook page!
We want to Thank Everyone who came out to Race or to watch the Outlaw Series Vintage and Enduro Races last night !!
Special Thanks to Mike Laise for taking over the Meet and Greet last night!
And Brittany Diane Huber Miss Grandview for handing out all those American Fags and presenting the beautiful Winners Plaques in victory lane!
Thanks to Dean Patton for the Beautiful Plaques!
Special Thanks to the crew that gave away the Bicycles last night after the Vintage Feature !

Outlaw Enduro Modified Series: 1. Brett Peters, 2. Kenny Gilmore, 3. Wes Cassel, 4. Jeff Paulson, 5. Scott Schaeffer. DNS - BJ Joly, Mike Stofflet, Mike Laise


Outlaw Enduro Sportsman Series: 1. Gage Phillips, 2. Bill Gerhart, 3. Joe Medaglia, 4. Matt Smith, 5. Mark Hahn, 6. Tom Orth, 7. Nico Flammer, DNS - Curt Neiman, Bill Carr, Mark Levy

Stock Enduro: 1. Tyler Deinike, 2. Phil Levering, 3. Roy Denike, 4. John Bilofsky, 5. Joe Luckenbaugh, 6. Matt Peck, 7. Josh Case, 8. Jeff Short, 9. Jong Yi, 10. Trevor Rump, 11. Adam Miller, 12. Tyler Denike, 13. Hannah Leibensberger, 14. Roger Kummerer, 15. Donnie Rogers, 16. Adam Kratzer, 17. Norm Kidd, 18. Rick Jennings, 19. Brian Moyer, 20. John Trumbo, 21. Travis Selfinger
Small Car Enduro: 1. Rob Pyle, 2. Michael Bentley, 3. Julian Storms, 4. Chris Rose, 5. Clay Wollyoung, 6. Linsey Rummel, 7. Russell Hilbert, 8. Austin Weller, 9. Eric Gravalis, 10. Josh Byers, 11. Brian Moyer, 12. Norm Kidd, 13. Matthew Smith, 14. Dylan Schantz
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