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Record Books

For 60 years, fans of Grandview Speedway have had the opportunity to watch the greatest drivers on dirt roar around the one-third mile high-banks.  Here we look back those winners and champions and celebrate the history that has happened on ‘the hill.”

Modified Champions
Modified All-Time Win List
Freedom 76er Winners
Forrest Rogers Memorial Winners
Bruce Rogers Memorial Winners
Late Model Champions
Late Model All-Time Win List
Firecracker 40 Winners
Sportsman Champions
Sportsman All-Time Win List
Sportsman 38er Winners
Sportsman Summer Splash 40
Crate 602 Sportsman All-Time Win List

Crate 602 Sportsman Champions




















Modified Champions
Year Division Champion
2023 Modified Brett Kressley
2022 Modified Craig Von Dohren
2021 Modified Craig Von Dohren
2020 Modified Craig Von Dohren
2019 Modified Duane Howard
2018 Modified Mike Gular
2017 Modified Craig Von Dohren
2016 Modified Craig Von Dohren
2015 Modifed Craig Von Dohren
2014 Modified Jeff Strunk
2013 Modified Craig VonDohren
2012 Modified Duane Howard
2011 Modified Jeff Strunk
2010 Modified Duane Howard
2009 Modified Jeff Strunk
2008 Modified Jeff Strunk
2007 Modified Jeff Strunk
2006 Modified Craig VonDohren
2005 Modified Jeff Strunk
2004 Modified Jeff Strunk
2003 Modified Jeff Strunk
2002 Modified Jeff Strunk
2001 Modified Craig Von Dohren
2000 Modified Jeff Strunk
1999 Modified Terry Meitzler
1998 Modified Ray Swinehart
1997 Sportsman-Modified Duane Howard
1996 Sportsman-Modified Duane Howard
1995 Sportsman-Modified Ray Swinehart
1994 Sportsman-Modified Davey Wenger
1993 Sportsman-Modified Duane Howard
1992 Sportsman-Modified Craig Von Dohren
1991 Sportsman-Modified Tom Mayberry
1990 Sportsman-Modified Craig Von Dohren
1989 Sportsman-Modifed Craig Von Dohren
1988 Sportsman-Modified Craig Von Dohren
1987 Sportsman-Modified Ronnie Tobias
1986 Sportsman-Modified Jack Follweiler
1985 Sportsman Larry Acker
1984 Sportsman Dennis Thomas
1983 Sportsman Fred Rahmer
1982 Sportsman Smokey Warren
1981 Sportsman Dennis Bailey
1980 Sportsman Fred Rahmer
1979 Sportsman Smokey Warren
1978 Sportsman John Blackley
1977 Sportsman Francis Hardner
1976 Sportsman Pete Damiani
1975 Sportsman Don Loder
1974 Sportsman Bob Sweigart
1973 Sportsman Mike Erb
1972 Sportsman Dave Kelly
1971 Sportsman Ed Mumford
1970 Sportsman Roger Richter
1969 Sportsman Warren Mutter
1968 Sportsman Warren Mutter
1967 Sportsman Don Loder and Bill Buehrle (tie)
1966 Sportsman Russ Smith
1965 Sportsman Red Coffin
1964 Sportsman Warren Mutter
1963 Modifieds Dick Havens
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